Contact Information

Office Hours:  The Clerk does not have posted office hours nor is her office in the Town Hall. The Clerk is available via phone and email seven days per week with a turn around time of same day or generally within 24 hours.  

Email:  The Clerk monitors the Township email seven days per week.  When possible, Clerk will return emails same day or generally within 24 hours.     

Telephone: 651-346-8467 Township utilizes a voice recognition google software for leaving messages for the Township and/or the Town Clerk.   The messages are delivered to the Township's email address.  When possible, Clerk will return emails the same day or generally within 24 hours. 

Physical Address of Town Hall:  30038 Alta Avenue, Northfield, MN.   Town Hall is used for various meetings ONLY.    Do not mail or send packages to the physical address. 

Mailing Address:   P.O. Box 531, Northfield, MN  55057  The mail is picked up twice per month - if your mail is time sensitive notify the Clerk (either by phone or email) - Clerk will make an additional trip to the Post Office to get the mail.  

Township website:    The Township website contains an extensive amount of information about the Township including a Calendar (meeting notices), Agenda & Supporting Documentation for all meetings, News, Zoning Ordinances, Meeting minutes, Building Permit forms, Newsletters, Budgets, etc. 

Meeting Postings:  Meeting notices are posted in two places:   1. Posted on the Town Hall door.   2.  Posted on the CALENDAR on the Township website - click on red star on calendar for specific meeting information.  






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