Contact Information

Office Hours:  The Clerk does not have posted office hours. The Clerk has an office in her home. The Clerk is available via phone and email.  The Clerk checks the email (which includes Township voice recognition phone - 651-346-8467) at least twice per day most days of the week. 


Town Hall:  3847 321st St. W, Northfield, MN is used for the various meetings, but does not have a "Township office".  Do not mail or send packages to the Town Hall.  


Physical Address:  3847 321st St. W.  - no office hours - no mail delivery - meetings only.  


Mailing Address:   P.O. Box 531, Northfield, MN  55057  - the mail is picked up twice per month - if your mail is time sensitive notify the Clerk (either by phone or email) - Clerk will make an additional trip to the Post Office to get the mail.  


Leave a message:   phone - 651-346-8467 (leave a message - Clerk will call you back)


Email address: